How to donate for the Armed Forces: Supporting Ukraine

Июль 11, 2024 – 11:23

How to donate for the Armed Forces: Supporting Ukraine's defenders through Gather


Every day, the Ukrainian army bravely defends our independence and freedom. In this difficult time, each of us can help by contributing to the support of our defenders. The Gather platform offers a variety of ways to donate to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and every contribution is important to strengthening our defense capabilities.

How to donate to the Armed Forces of Ukraine?

One of the easiest ways to donate to the Ukrainian Armed Forces is to transfer funds through our platform. We cooperate with official accounts set up to collect donations, so your funds will go directly to the Ukrainian army. Using Gather, you can make a bank transfer using any method convenient for you: online banking, mobile application or through a bank cash desk.

Donate to the Ukrainian army

A donation to the Ukrainian army can be directed to various needs: from providing the military with the most necessary equipment and ammunition to supporting the wounded and their families. On the Gather platform, you will find specific projects and initiatives aimed at supporting the military. These can be charities, volunteer organizations, and other platforms that raise funds for the Armed Forces.

How to become a volunteer?

If you want to not only donate to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, but also actively contribute to their assistance, you should consider becoming a volunteer through the Gather platform. Volunteer activities can include various forms of support: from logistical assistance and collection of humanitarian aid to organizing events and activities aimed at raising funds for the military.

To become a volunteer, you can register on our platform and choose a volunteer program that suits you. We cooperate with well-known volunteer organizations and charitable foundations, such as Come Back Alive or the Serhiy Prytula Foundation, which actively support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. By joining their activities, you can contribute to providing our military with everything they need.

Benefits of donations and volunteering

Your contribution, regardless of its size, is of great importance. Each donation to the Ukrainian army helps to provide our soldiers with the necessary means and increases their chances of successfully completing combat missions. In addition, volunteering gives you the opportunity to personally influence the situation and support those who defend our country.

By taking a step to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces through Gather, you become part of a large movement that unites people around a common goal - the defense of Ukraine. Donating to the Ukrainian Armed Forces or becoming a volunteer is not only a manifestation of patriotism, but also a real way to help our defenders in their difficult work.

Join those who already support the Ukrainian army through Gather. Together we can do more for our victory!

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